Sports Surfaces


The Laykold coating is a set of acrylic polymers, with intense colors, formulated to be used as a surface to be installed on asphalt or concrete, ideal for covering Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Fronton, Mulitus, etc. Courts, whether new or in makeover.

This coating is durable, quick-drying, resistant to any climate and with superior characteristics than conventional paints; since it is not paint but a system. In different options and/or versions, it has a special cushioning due to its multiple layers and which makes it have superior resistance to deterioration by ultraviolet rays.



The JOGGING surface is a track made from recycled tire rubber for trails, running tracks and sports fields.

This all-purpose surface is placed on asphalt or any area that is completely flat to create an unparalleled sports surface.

People who like to run and athletes love this surface, since its rubber material cushions shocks and reduces the wear and tear that is generated when it is a concrete surface, a “mattress like” surface that is easier.


The Cushioning Floor is recommended to have high impact floors in areas where it is required, in addition to providing a smooth surface that makes them easy to clean and maintain. They are made of granulated rubber reintegrated by vulcanization which makes it ideal for children's play areas • Outdoor gym areas • Climbing areas • Access areas in ice skating rinks. We are leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of Shock Absorbing Floors.